jeudi 13 février 2014

Précommandes Février 2014

Nouveau mois, nouveaux titres annoncés. C'est parti pour le petit tour d'horizon!

IDW Publishing

Complete Little Orphan Annie Volume 10
When America enters the Second World War, Annie protects the home front by forming the Junior Commandos, a group that inspired tens of thousands of real life children to collect newspapers, scrap metal, and other items needed for the war effort. The fictional Colonel Annie, meanwhile, finds herself face to face with fifth columnists and a Nazi submarine! Daddy Warbucks, true to his name, is back making munitions and leads a mysterious army overseas. Includes dailies and Sundays from November 24, 1941-August 7, 1943

Prix : $49.99
Sortie prévue le : 30/04/2014

Andrews McMeel

Complete Cul de Sac Boxed Set
The complete library of all Cul de Sac cartoons and more! In addition to every Cul de Sac cartoon ever published, selections of Thompson's pre-syndication Cul de Sac art are included in this affordable, paperback boxed set. Cul de Sac began newspaper syndication in September 2007 and ended in September 2012, when creator Richard Thompson retired to focus on treatment for Parkinson's Disease. In its too-short time on the comics page, Cul de Sac garnered an avid fan base, a Reuben and a Harvey Award, and remarkable admiration from the cartooning community. In tribute to the strip, all the cartoons that were ever published are gathered here along with a selection of Richard Thompson's pre-syndication Cul de Sac watercolored Sundays. 

Prix : $75
Sortie prévue le : 07/05/2014

Ger Fuzzy Treasury : Jerktastic Park
Collecting the cartoons from The Birth of Canis and The Fuzzy Bunch, this treasury is a rollicking read full of Bucky's signature bullying of Satchel and Rob's inability to keep the peace.

Prix : $18.99
Sortie prévue le : 07/05/2014

Fantagraphics Books

Complete Peanuts Vol.21 : 1991-1992
Peanuts enters its final decade, and The Complete Peanuts enters its homestretch, with material that is perhaps the most neglected of Schulz's career. Schulz's cartooning has never looked more confident, and his sense of humor never more unrestrained. This latest volume includes an introduction by Tom Tomorrow plus scholarly essays about this most over-looked period in the Peanuts canon.  

Prix : $29.99
Sortie prévue le : 30/05/2014

Hermes Press

Buck Rogers : Complete Murphy Anderson Sundays 1958-1959
Murphy Anderson was one of the seminal comic book storytellers who defined the Silver Age. In addition to his work on the Buck Rogers daily strip, he wrote and drew the Sunday version of the feature from 1958 to 1959 creating three continuities: Search for Impervium; Supernova Threat; and California Earthquake Plot. These Sundays have never been reprinted anywhere and now, for the first time, are collected in their entirety together. This extra large volume collects Anderson's complete work on the Sundays and is supplemented by essays, original artwork, and extras. 

Prix : $40
Sortie prévue le : 30/07/2014

Titan Books

Burne Hogarth's Tarzan Vol.01 :
Tarzan in the city of gold
This is the first of four exclusive volumes that will collect all of Burne Hogarth's Tarzan newspaper strips. Beginning with the adventures Tarzan in the City of Gold and continuing with Tarzan and the Boers, Hogarth and writer Don Garden hit the ground running, and produced some of the most acclaimed stories ever to appear in the pages of newspapers worldwide. Volume one contains Hogarth's conclusion of City of Gold and five complete other stories. Full-color restorations of the newspaper strips, reproduced in the oversized full-page format made popular by current collections of Prince Valiant and Popeye the Sailor! Includes historical articles from Scott Tracy Griffin, author of Tarzan: The Centennial Celebration.  

Prix : $39.95
Sortie prévue le : 23/04/2014


Ce mois de février est vraiment très intéressant au regard des titres comic strips annoncés. 
Pour ma part, j'attends avec impatience l'intégrale Cul de Sac (que j'ai précommandée longtemps à l'avance pour bénéficier d'une réduction très intéressante au regard du prix de vente). 
J'ai également hâte de voir le Tarzan de Burne Hogarth après avoir découvert l'année dernière celui de Russ Manning

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