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Précommandes Décembre 2013

IDW Publishing

Complete Chester Gould Dick Tracy Vol. 16 HC

In Volume 16, Chester Gould presents an amazing number of memorable characters: grotesques such as the murderous Rughead and a 467-lb. killer named Oodles, health faddist George Ozone and his wild boys named Neki and Hokey, the despicable Nothing Yonson, the amoral teenager Joe Period, and the introduction of nightclub photog-turned policewoman Lizz. Plus for the first time Gould brings back an old villain: Mumbles, who was thought drowned in 1947. And finally, he introduces what may be his most mature story of the 1950s-starring none other than Flattop Jr.! Reprints strips from October 25, 1954-May 13, 1956.

Prix : 39.99$
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Popeye: Classics Newspaper Comics Vol. 01 1986-1989 HC

Famed Dirty Duck and Air Pirates cartoonist Bobby London's more than six-year run on the Popeye newspaper strip has been hailed both as a unique original creation and as an homage to Elzie Segar's larger Thimble Theatre vision. Segar was the seminal influence in my career, the cartoonist said. London updated the strip to reflect current pop culture and also brought back the extended story format favored by Segar. London gives us new yet familiar versions of Popeye, Olive Oyl, Swee' Pea, and Wimpy, as well as Popeye's Pappy, Olive's brother Castor, Eugene the Jeep, Bernice the Whiffle Hen, the menacing Sea Hag, Alice the Goon, and more!

Prix : 39.99$
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Walt Before Skeezix 1919-1920 HC 

Walt Before Skeezix collects the first years of Frank King's beloved comic strip, Gasoline Alley. These comics, produced between 1919 and 1920, focus primarily on Walt Wallet and his friends, as they engage with the then-novel automobile sensation that was sweeping the nation. This period of the newspaper strip is especially fascinating as a historical time capsule, charting a moment in America's past when horses and buggies shared the road with cars, and when the USA was making the transition from a country of rural farmers to an urban, industrialized society. Designed and edited by world-renowned cartoonist Chris Ware (Building Stories).

Prix : 44.95$
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Cannon by Wallace Wood SC 

A riotous and raunchy no-holds barred spy romp featuring beautiful women, explosive gunplay, naked catfights, Hitler, death from above, and more naked women! Because Cannon first appeared in the US military newspaper Overseas Weeklyin the 1960s, it was not subject to the usual editorial censorship and legendary artist Wallace Wood took full advantage. Drawing from from newly unearthed source material, Fantagraphics Books will be producing the biggest, baddest, best-looking collection of Cannon, ever!

Prix : 35$
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Prince Valiant Vol. 08: 1951-1952 HC 

Our continuing reprinting of Hal Foster's sumptuous epic enters the 1950s. This volume includes the second half of The Missionaries and concludes with the beginning of Valhalla.Prince Valiant Volume 8also includes an article on Foster's Mounties ad campaign paintings from the 1930s. Once again, the pages have been scanned directly from Foster's personal collection of syndicate proofs, providing the most spectacular iteration of this material since its original publication in Sunday newspapers 60 years ago.

Prix : 35$
Sortie prévue le : 12/02/2014


Voilà un très joli mois de précommandes avec beaucoup de titres très intéressants.
Pour ma part, j'ai déjà précommandé le Prince Valiant, le Walt Before Skeezix ainsi que le Popeye.
Finalement, faire un billet sur les précommandes a du bon (même pour moi) car j'étais passé totalement à côté de la sortie future du Cannon de Wally Wood. Je vais me renseigner un peu plus sur ce titre mais vu comme c'est parti, je vais aussi le prendre. ^^

Et pour ceux qui ont envie d'en savoir plus sur le volume Popeye, je vous invite à lire cette interview très intéressante : ça se passe ici.



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