lundi 12 août 2013

Précommandes Août 2013

Il est temps de regarder ce que les éditeurs nous proposent en ce mois d'août ensoleillé.

IDW Publishing

Miss Fury Sensational Sundays 1941-1944 HC

Reprinting every Miss Fury Sunday page from the beginning in April 1941 through April 1944 (where our companion volume picks up), we learn the origins of Miss Fury and her skin-tight panther costume-complete with its sharp claws on her hands and feet! By day, she was socialite Marla Drake-by night, the costumed adventuress Miss Fury. These early exploits introduce all of the memorable characters who remained in the strip for the rest of the decade. Edited by Trina Robbins, Designed by Lorraine Turner.
Prix : $49.99
Sortie prévue le : 30/10/2013

Fantagraphics Books

Disney Mickey Mouse Color Sundays Gift Box Set Vol. 01

Published concurrently with Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Color Sundays Vol. 2 will be an attractive, budget priced boxed set that collects the first two volumes in this acclaimed series! Two 280-page books in custom slipcase.
Prix : $49.99
Sortie prévue le : 13/11/2013

Disney Mickey Mouse Color Sundays Vol. 02: Robin Hood Rides Again HC

Fantagraphics' award winning Mickey Mouseseries continues with this 2nd full-color volume featuring the further exploits of the world's most famous mouse. Restored from Studio art sources, Robin Hood Rides Again also includes more than 30 pages of swashbuckling extra features. You'll enjoy coveted non-Mouse Disney comics by Gottfredson, rare behindthe-scenes art and commentary by a Round Table of Mickey scholars.
Prix : $29.99
Sortie prévue le : 13/11/2013

Peanuts Every Sunday: 1952 - 1955 HC

Introduction by Jonathan Rosenbaum. In this first volume in a planned series of ten oversized coffee-table quality books, Charles Schulz's cast of Peanutscharacters are presented in full, vibrant color, just as readers back in the 1950s first experienced them. Every Sunday Peanuts strip from 1952-1955 has been scrupulously re-colored to match the original syndicate coloring (including some unusual colors for Charlie Brown's trademark zig-zag shirt, before it was officially yellow) - allowing readers once again to plunge back into Charles Schulz's marvelous world.
Prix : $49.99
Sortie prévue le : 13/11/2013

Pogo Complete Syndicated Strips Vol. 03: Evidence to the Contrary HC

Introduction by Mike Peters. Presenting all of 1953 and 1954's daily Pogo strips for the first time anywhere, Volume 3also contains all 104 Sunday strips from these two years in lush full color for the first time in 60 years. Plus the usual in-depth historical annotations by R.C. Harvey, spectacular samples of Kelly's work scanned from original art, and a whole lot more!
Prix : $45
Sortie prévue le : 13/11/2013

Hermes Press

Johnny Hazard: The Complete Sundays Vol. 01 - 1944-1946 HC

One of the truly great Sunday action/adventure newspaper strips of the 1940s is finally being reprinted in a deluxe archival edition! Frank Robbins' masterpiece, Johnny Hazard, set the standard for action and remains unequaled. The Sunday version of the strip, which ran different story lines from the dailies, features non-stop, wartime action, with stories which are as exciting today as when they were first created.Contains the first two and a half years of the Sundays; special endpapers; historical essays; and other extras.
Prix : $60
Sortie prévue le : 27/11/2013

Titan Books

Modesty Blaise Vol. 24: Young Mistress SC

As dangerous as she is desirable, Modesty Blaise, the cult creation of best-selling writer Peter O'Donnell, returns for three more devastating adventures! Features the classic stories The Young Mistress, Ivory Dancer, and Our Friend Maude, written by Peter O'Donnell and beautifully illustrated by Enric Badia Romero. Features story introductions written by Modesty Blaise expert and archivist, Lawrence Blackmore.
Prix : $19.95
Sortie prévue le : 06/11/2013


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